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3-day Rhythmic Movement Training RMTi Level 1 & 2 With Moira Dempsey

3-day Rhythmic Movement Training RMTi Level 1 & 2 With Moira Dempsey

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RMTi Foundation Series Level 1 & 2 

Includes a full color illustrated manual 

 RMTi One – Focus, Organization & Comprehension

Accredited Hours: 14 Hours (1.4 credit units)

Date: June 23 & 24, 2024

No Pre-requisites

Learning Outcomes - How rhythmic movements assist in integrating primitive reflexes important for establishing postural control; Why this is important; for increased impulse control, attention, balance, coordination, stamina and learning.

Topics include:

  • How reflexes are a journey
  • How RMTi builds neuro-sensory-motor foundations for focus and higher-level learning skills
  • Ways to identify developmental imbalances
  • Information on a selection of reflexes involved in laying the foundations of focus and comprehension – TLR; Landau; ATNR, STNR; Spinal Galant; Amphibian; Babinski & Infant Plantar
  • Methods for integrating primitive reflexes
  • The 17 foundational RMT passive and active movements, plus other activities 
  • Concept of Less is More as it relates to RMTi
  • Physiological indicators of having done enough
  • Precautions and possible reactions and contraindications


RMTi Two – Emotions, Memory & Behavior

Accredited Hours: 7 Hours (.7 credit units)

Date: June 25, 2024

Pre-requisite: RMTi One

Learning Outcomes - Learn effective RMT techniques for integrating the defensive primitive reflexes that are crucially important for learning to be safe; for developing good sensory processing and perception; as well as developing social and emotional maturity.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the continuum of how we establish a realistic understanding of what is safe and not safe
  • Stages of emotional maturity
  • Understanding the relationship between the Fear Paralysis, Moro and Adult Startle “Strauss” reflexes.
  • The important of establishing a well-modulated flight-or-fight response
  • The Babkin reflex and its relationship to bonding 
  • The Tendon Guard and how to release long term muscle tension and emotional upset
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